Family History

Family History

Borders Family History Society

We concentrate on the family, local and social history of the counties of Roxburghshire, Berwickshire, Selkirkshire and Peeblesshire.

We record monumental inscriptions, and research local social history and publish the results in our books and CDs.

Visitors can use to record their Surname Interests (free), searching the indexes to our publications or raising discussion topics in the Forums. You can also do research in our Archive and Search Room (appointment recommended) or ask us to do research for you.

If your family comes from Jedburgh, you can find out more from:

This PDF will give you more direct instructions on what to do.

Jedburgh prison index paternity cases (cases where the mother pursued the father of a child for aliment) of the Jedburgh Sheriff Court. Cases brought will cover the dates to 1832 to 1892 allowing you to search for illegitemate children.

Here is the search page: