Jedforest Historical Society

The aim of the society is to foster an interest in the preservation of the historical heritage of Jedburgh. The society runs a series of lectures throughout the winter with guest speakers and photographic slides on a wide range of historical subjects.

The syllabus for 2015 to 2016 is shown below:


8th September

Gordon McDonald - "A Remarkable Son from a Remarkable Hawick family" - James Wilson, founder of The Economist

13 October

Professor Ted Cowan - The Borders and the Genius of Place.

10th November

David Armstrong - Genealogy - A Practical Introduction.

8th December

Nigel McMurray - Durham, York and the Border Abbeys - their architectures considered.


12th January

Norrie McLeish - The Great Hawick Election Riot of 1837.

9th February

Chris Veitch - Jedburgh's Forgotten History, part 3.

9th March

John Rogerson - Roxburghshire.

13th April


Jean Muir - The story of Jedburgh Grammar School.


tel: 01835 863455/862811


Royal British Legion
Charlie Crowe Lounge
High Street

Opening hours:
7.30 p.m. in Royal British Legion, Charlie Crowe lounge.
Contact Chris Veitch or Norrie McLeish for further information.

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