Denholm Drama Group

The group is an amateur repertory dramatic company, which tours local village and church halls in the Denholm / Jedburgh / Hawick area. The group presents one major performance each year and other smaller productions on a less regular basis.

The Group has been in existence for nearly 50 years and is now as strong as it has ever been.  A few years ago, the group suffered a major setback when its base, Denholm Primary School was raised to the ground by fire. The school has now been re-built, and the group has procured new equipment, props and costumes, thanks to generous donations, local and national grant awards and a lot of hard work by members. The lack of a base for performances for a couple of years led the group to explore repertory work and we are now equipped to perform almost anywhere that has an electricity supply!  The photographs show a selection of scenes from past productions.

Please give Shirley, their secretary a call on 01450 870604 a call, if you are interested in the group, whether as a supporter, actor, director or backstage crew member!  Alternatively, visit their web site at



tel: 01450 870604

Opening hours:
Contact Shirley, the group secretary for further information.