Fishing in the Scottish Borders can be for either salmon or trout. Situated in the picturesque Scottish Borders, the river Tweed is perhaps better known as a salmon river, but it also contains good stocks of wild brown trout and grayling. The Tweed and its tributaries are no longer stocked with brown trout so you know that your quarry is truly wild and there can be little more satisfying moments in fishing than when a truly wild fish takes your fly. This is what the river Tweed fishing experience is all about.
Fishing the Tweed for wild fish can be daunting, but your fishing guide will make sure your chances of catching are maximised. Local knowledge and choosing the right flies and methods are of paramount importance to a successful day on the river.
The Jedforest Angling Association owns the five acre Hass loch, which is situated about 5 miles south of Jedburgh and here you can fish for trout. The Hass Loch sits amongst rolling hills with spectacular views of the Cheviot Valley.

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